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Feasibility Studies and Process Simulation

Over the years BORSIG Membrane Technology GmbH has developed many innovative processes which have now become standard in many areas of petrochemistry and emission protection. In many cases our standard solutions have been integrated into relevant engineering packages by licensors or adapted again to the specific project conditions before a licence is granted.

It is often also necessary to develop a customised process solution to take into account the specific requirements of the customers process. Knowledge of the usual customer processes is therefore very important for understanding the interactions of the membrane system within the complete process and for evaluating the feasibility of a project.

Our staff has an excellent knowledge of the typical customer processes be it in the operation of storage terminals and refineries or the production of polymers on the basis of the broadest range of process licences.

In order to provide our customers with the most efficient and economically attractive process concept for their applications, detailed evaluations with respect to process design and optimisation need to be carried out. The use of modern simulation programmes (e.g. Aspen HYSYS) in combination with our expertise in process and plant technology enable comprehensive optimisation of the overall process design. The simulation tools are an essential part of our project management allowing us to model the integration of the membrane separation unit into the client’s process and in combination with other unit operations.