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BORSIG Monomer Recovery Unit

The BORSIG Monomer Recovery Unit enables the recovery of valuable monomers in different applications. Depending on the upstream process, the membrane separation can be combined with unit operations such as compression, condensation, heating etc. Hydrocarbons are separated from mainly nitrogen in the membrane stage. The hydrocarbon enriched permeate stream is either routed to the process or the suction side of the compressor system inside the package unit in order to improve the overall condensation. In some cases an additional membrane stage is fitted in order to meet the requirements of highly purified nitrogen.

The benefits

  • Flexible system for multiple components handling
  • Highest recovery rates and product purities
  • Moderate pressures and temperatures applied for required condensation
  • Safe operation, high reliability, low maintenance
  • Modular design to meet specific plant conditions and local regulations
  • Quick installation and easy implementation by package unit design
  • Adaptation to existing plants (retrofit design) feasible



Monomer Recovery Unit