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BORSIG Ethylene Recovery Unit for PE Production

The BORSIG Ethylene Recovery Unit is an easy add-on system and can be considered for new and existing process installations. The purge gas stream containing the ethylene monomer and inert gas, is typically pressurised and fed into the membrane system, while the permeate side of the membrane separation stage is fed back into the existing process gas compressor’s suction side. By means of the resulting pressure difference and the hydrocarbon selective membrane material, the purge gas stream is separated into off-gas, enriched with inert gas, and the recycled ethylene-rich permeate stream. No other equipment or machinery is usually required making this a very simple and reliable process solution.

The benefits

  • Easy installation in new plants and easy retrofit of existing systems
  • Easiest solution in comparison to other technologies – only a membrane separator is required
  • Very short return on investment
  • Low maintenance
  • Safe and reliable operation
  • Tailor-made design to meet customer’s codes and specifications



Ethylene Recovery Unit