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BORSIG Fuel Gas Conditioning

The fuel gas quality is specified in terms of minimum methane content, methane number, dew point or calorific value or other closely related parameters. These parameters are determined by the content of higher hydrocarbons in the fuel gas. The raw gas is typically taken out directly of a high pressure line on site or compressed by a separate compressor and routed to the membrane unit. The heavier hydrocarbons (C3+) are preferentially separated and concentrated on the low pressure side of the membrane. The lean residue, rejected by the membrane, provides high quality fuel gas.

The benefits

  • High C3+ removal
  • High equipment reliability and on-stream availability
  • Compact, pre-assembled process units
  • Easy integration into existing facilities
  • Minimum supervision and maintenance
  • Prolonged life time of gas turbines or engines and related components
  • Particularly suitable for offshore applications and remote locations
Fuel Gas Conditioning Unit
Fuel Gas Conditioning Unit