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BORSIG Vent Recovery System

BORSIG Membrane Technology GmbH has developed an innovative, enhanced add-on system which increases the vapour return ratio from the car nozzle to the storage tank for more efficient vapour collection.The BORSIG Vent Recovery System (VRS) consists of a small membrane module and a vacuum pump. The membrane selectively filters hydrocarbon molecules from the air stream passing through the membrane due to the pressure quotient generated by the vacuum pump. The valuable gasoline fraction is returned to the storage tank where the gas phase is saturated and even liquefied once the dew point is reached. The clean air is released to the atmosphere.

The benefits

  • Reduction of product loss by 95%
  • Increased safety at car filling stations
  • Better prospects of obtaining planning permission from authorities and improved neighbourhood acceptance for filling stations
  • Decrease in odour pollution
  • Reduced exposure of customers to hydrocarbon vapours while refuelling
  • Substantial savings related to the yearly gasoline throughput
  • Improved marketing image of the operator
  • Elimination of direct stack emissions
  • Monitoring the seal system efficiency and function

VRS installed in a petrol station
Membrane module