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BORSIG Marine Vapour Recovery Unit

Next to the vapour recovery unit itself, the application of marine vapour recovery typically requires long piping installations and built-in safety devices e.g. dock safety units. Very often the VRU is a minor part of the investment. The MVRU is able to handle single or parallel loading from one or various sea-going vessels.

BORSIG Membrane Technology GmbH offers solutions for all product vapours and capacities

The benefits

  • Designed for multi-jetty usage and for maximum capacities
  • Treatment of vapours of different loaded and pre-loaded products
  • Self-suction principle can minimise vapour piping diameter
  • Extra blower system for vapour transport to VRU is not required
  • Various options regarding absorbent utilisation are available
  • Meets strict international emission levels and safety guidelines
  • Customised mechanical design adaptable to space restrictions (jetty/shore platform)



Marine Vapour Recovery Unit
Marine Vapour Recovery Unit