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BORSIG Dock Safety Unit

Marine loading installation and marine vapour recovery concepts in particularly require the comprehensive installation of hardware such as loading arms, vapour piping, VRU and additional safety devices. The safety of this application must be safely implemented from the dock to the VRU. Over-filling, over/under pressure protection and fire and explosion protection must be considered. BORSIG Membrane Technology GmbH offers compact, skid-mounted BORSIG Dock Safety Units for various capacities according to the latest safety guidelines. As an integral part of the vapour recovery installation, this unit can be combined with the Vapour Recovery Unit to make a single vapour control system.

The benefits

  • Safety and operational aspects combined in one compact device
  • Designed to meet international safety guidelines
  • Compact skid-mounted design
  • Easy integration into VRU control system – no extra control system (e.g. by DCS) required
  • Includes detonation flame arrestor, pressure/temperature control 
  • Vessel overfill protection



3D Model Dock Safety Unit