BORSIG ZM Compression GmbH

Reciprocating Compressors for Process Gases API 618

With around 160 years of manufacturing expertise in reciprocating compressors, BORSIG

ZM Compression GmbH offers tailor-made horizontal and vertical compressor solutions for process gases with all auxiliary equipment (turnkey solutions). Our reciprocating compressors are driven either by electric motors, gas engines or steam turbines. They have been developed for heavy continuous operation with lubricated or non-lubricated cylinders. They comply with the design standards of API 618 (5th edition), API 11P/ ISO 13631 as well as other international and manufacturing standards.

BORSIG ZM reciprocating compressors stand for long life, high wear resistance and low life cycle costs.

Our delivery program also includes:

  • the assembly and commissioning of reciprocating compressors at site
  • the revamp and modernisation of reciprocating compressors and
  • the upgrading of control systems
Reciprocating compressors for process gases API 618
Reciprocating compressors for process gases API 618

Power ranges

Discharge pressure:

  • p = (...1.000) bar


  • V = (... 115.000) m³/h


  • P = (... 21.000) kW


  • L = (… 500) mm


BORSIG ZM Compression GmbH - Profile and Products

Johann Friedrich August Borsig founded BORSIG in 1837. Within 15 years the company had become one of the largest industrial manufacturers in Europe.

In 1842 the Zwickau mechanical engineering company (Zwickauer Maschinenfabrik) began manufacturing steam engines and pumps for hard coal mining. BORSIG expanded into compressor technology in 1857 followed almost half a century later by ZM in 1903.


BORSIG ZM Compression GmbH - Reciprocating Compressors for Process Gases

BORSIG ZM Compression GmbH is a member of the BORSIG Group and manufactures reciprocating and integrally geared centrifugal compressor units. The company additionally offers compressor valves, the BORSIG BlueLine system and a comprehensive compressor service.