BORSIG Membrane Technology GmbH
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Company History

With an expertise reflected by hundreds of industry-scale membrane systems delivered to customers all over the world and nearly 20 years of work experience, BORSIG Membrane Technology GmbH (BMT) is a leading company in the field of chemical and petrochemical membrane applications.

The amendment of new emission control legislation in Germany in the late 1980’s drafted new requirements for emission control units (VOC), which could not met with the standard processes available. New innovative materials and processes had to be developed and BMT developed further, in cooperation with R&D partners, the application of gas permeation, mainly for the recovery of gasoline vapours at German depots and refineries. In the early 1990’s the first systems could be realised und proved as perfectly suitable for the treatment of hydrocarbon vapours and gases.

Based on these experience and references and within the frame of new European and international legislation it was possible to develop the business and new membranes as well as processes, which today define the state-of-art. End of the 1990’s BMT could expand the business und now offers new solutions for petrochemical applications, e.g. for the polymer industry and for gas conditioning purposes. Parallel to the established business BMT always supports targeted R&D activities to improve and expand its product portfolio. The introduction of the new “organophilic nanofiltration” for the targeted treatment of liquid hydrocarbon streams is a nice example.

The policy to develop BMT was always focussing to control all services and work steps within a project by own experienced and skilled staff, to enable sophisticated and comprehensive products and services from a single source for our customers.