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Product Recovery

Product recovery systems must meet with ever more stringent efficiency requirements.
Economic efficiency, productivity, improved sustainability of technological processes as well as optimum utilisation of our resources are key challenges for these types of systems.

BORSIG Membrane Technology GmbH offers optimum solutions which help to minimise losses, recover valuable raw materials or products from exhaust air, and process gas flows. The benefits are:

  • Recovery of valuable feedstock and product
  • Significant reduction of waste and flare gas capacities
  • Reduction of emissions caused by waste gas treatment

Important products and applications include:

  • Ethylene monomer from polyethylene (HDPE, LLDPE, etc.), EO or VAM production
  • Propylene monomer from polypropylene production
  • Solvent (e.g. hexane) from slurry-type HDPE production
  • Alkane recovery in polyethylene production
  • 1.3 butadiene from synthetic rubber production
  • Vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) from PVC production
  • Fluoro and chlorohydrocarbons from any related processes
  • Seal gas recovery for rotating machinery

PE Production

  • BORSIG Ethylene Recovery Unit
  • BORSIG Hydrocarbon Recovery Unit

PP Production

  • BORSIG Propylene Recovery Unit
  • BORSIG Nitrogen Recovery Unit

EO/EG Production

  • BORSIG Ethylene Recovery Unit

PVC and Rubber Production

  • BORSIG Monomer Recovery Unit

Seal Gas Recovery

  • BORSIG Seal Gas Recovery Unit