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Liquid Separation

Saving energy, valuable resources and products is one of the highest priorities in the chemical and petrochemical industry today. While many membrane-based solutions for organic gas applications are state-of-art, organic liquid streams are typically processed by conventional thermal unit operations due to non-availability of solvent-resistant high performance membranes.

In recent years BORSIG Membrane Technology GmbH has developed new solvent-resistant polymer membranes which are now industrially available having already proved their performance in industrial reference installations.

These BORSIG membranes offer new and sophisticated liquid separation or fractionating processes for the treatment of organic mixtures and solvent-based production streams.

The BORSIG Membrane Technology product portfolio in the field of liquid separation includes:

  • BORSIG Organic Solvent Nanofiltration Unit (OSN)
  • Products & services for OSN process development